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    Senior gray

    There is such an aesthetic concept in ancient Chinese theory, which is intended to promote natural, not artificial beauty.

    The style of the design is varied, retaining the classical complexity and branding of the East, the whole new style, using the modern minimalism to label the design with the West, integrating the traditional charm into the reality, and wrapping the classical soul in the space of simple reality. Inside, with the feeling of fusion, a pleasant space, a noble life, a world of exclusive enjoyment.

    As the first sales office, the Welcome Hall is designed with simple horizontal and vertical lines to fully explore the architectural sense while preserving the original building structure. With mountains and rivers, streamlined, reducing the accumulation of symbolic elements.

    To express the vitality of the interior, we must first combine nature and realize nature. Avoid artificial artifacts. The stone used for the wall surface is deepened from the raw material itself. The original architectural landscape floor-to-ceiling windows and the metal decoration net developed by the interior make the natural light and the interior set off. Although it is made by people, it is like a sky-opening, fully discovering the characteristics of the outdoor garden, and thus combining with the interior decoration.

    The whole design takes the shaping of the space scene as the starting point, not only the decoration of the surface, but also the use of architectural processing methods to divide the space. Make each space infiltrate each other and create a visual experience that is intertwined with reality. The spacious sand table area has different space scenes from the negotiation area. The designer uses a special special glass combined with a wire screen and a shelf to define the passage of the space. Each space scene is presented to the public with its calm and elegant, rich and connotative attitude.

    The well-designed negotiation area, in addition to warmth and comfort, also gives some visual impact to the visiting customers. The designer chooses to display the whole of the negotiation area in an open form, with gray as the main color and yellow and blue-green contrast as the embellishment. Improve the jumping atmosphere of the entire space. The use of a small amount of metal texture reveals the modern temperament of the entire communication space.






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