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    Marble whole house series - marble stone brick matching skills

    Tie-in skill 1:

    The essence of simple decoration style is simple and simple. Simple style is flexible and changeful. It has the effect of returning uncut jade to true.

    Low-key costly: contracted be not equal to simple actually, pay attention to use a bit of costly element to promote its vogue and costly breath recommend to use light color brick to match quietly elegant furniture, on the vision, have the trend that go up more, in making every effort have grade and do not drop price while, decorate the culture flavour that gives maverick is more important.More outstanding contracted household pure quality.


    Tie-in skill 2:

    Or brunet or light color, use the element of rice huang, rice white, romance purple rich wall, windowsill, curtain even sheet, advocate the person of contemporary and contracted wind pursues spirit freedom to be free, have romantic princess feelings, or dissolute and unrestrained talent style of work, they cloud light breeze is light, not secular, do not chase after fame and gain profit.

    When you design a room, to design a belongs only to their own place, let oneself inside, can what all don't want to stay comfortable, a cup of tea, reading books, that's all, usually is given priority to with light color purple or romantic passion red suitable, so I can let oneself more relaxed, more comfortable, with pieces of crystal curtain to separate the world.


    Tie-in skill 3:

    Among older people in China, the best is still to remain constant far is Chinese style is classical, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and painting and log furniture, make whole room is your not to speak of, decorate furniture restoring ancient ways collocation by restoring ancient ways is often expensive, so a merger of Chinese and western style to decorate, the price is not high, not only on the vision, have stronger tendency, at the same time, strive to have a grade and not drop to decorate a maverick culture flavour is more important.

    We should be good at digging the little detail in the home, change corrupt to be magical, relatively heavy Chinese style furniture and the marble stone brick that has contemporary breath undertakes collocation, can present a fact to live in inspiration everywhere is absent.


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