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    Stone rotating staircase installation manufacturing process points

    The stone material turns stair to make and craft main point: in the middle and large luxurious marble stone turns stair in, the curved arc stair armrest, the curved arc cover plate, the curved arc protect edge these 3 kinds are the soul of marble turns stair.Rotary stair is the most difficult of the processing in the product of special-shaped stone material, it is praised highly by exquisite structure and modelling, let a person stop with the construction craft of trival and complexity again, the existence of this kind of contradiction, a little bit carelessly, can be self-defeating.The key to making the spiral staircase with marble design is the integrity of the stone materials used and the precision of making and processing. The precise processing of rotating stair handrails and curved cover plate is made according to the drawing system with small error and high precision.

    The natural stone material that can be used at making to do turn stair, turn stair handrail is more, give priority to with high-grade marble, a good natural stone material stair, green is natural, usable 100 years.So what is the key point of the process control of the spiral staircase?

    The field line is the most critical

    like all of the stairs, the spiral staircase is mainly composed of step, platforms and hulan armrest of three parts, but compared with the ordinary stairs, a spiral staircase modelling is spiraling up, step out radially open, armrest is also according to the overall modelling show pliable curve shape, so the pay-off become the early stages of the key construction process control points.

    Actual pay-off, will be subject to design size, the entire staircase model to form a whole, including kicking stone, stone steps, stone plate, stone edge turn, rotating stone waist line, etching, marble railings glass enclosures, such as single content data, at the same time professional factory processing, improve the efficiency of each parts precision and fine.

    During site installation and construction, the base line of each arc segment is laid out uniformly, and the error of each single item is less than 5mm. In this way, the size of each segment is fundamentally guaranteed, and the arc of each segment can be kept smooth and straight.With this principle as the basis, the complex wire - laying work becomes much simpler, and the accuracy rate of wire - laying is guaranteed enough.

    Overall consideration of construction sequence

    Seemingly complex spiral staircase, its construction content is no more than kicks feet, steps, fences, waist line, handrails and other sub-items.According to our mature installation procedure and the actual situation on site, we decided to start the construction from the stone footwork with the least impact after overall consideration.

    To marble skirting board, handrail needs to press radian to rotate rise to join to install a problem, its install precision is very important, when be being joined, want to accomplish pair of contact point to match completely not only, at the same time after the extension line of the next contact point up, down, left, right deviation cannot be greater than 2 millimeter.To ensure the marble armrest, cover board overall effect of smooth, straight.

    The most difficult part of high-precision processing of marble rotating stair parts is the rotating waist line, followed by the rotating armrest, followed by the rotating cover plate, rotating side plate, and step.

    The most difficult part for high accuracy installation of marble rotating stair parts is the rotating armrest, followed by the rotating waist line, followed by the rotating cover plate, rotating side plate and step.Because marble armrest is suspension butt, the extension line after butt is very easy to produce deviation, so docking installs armrest to want to choose the senior technician that passes through training to install.

    According to the design requirements, the enclosure glass USES special effects to etch the patterned glass, and the molding should be treated with thermal bending.We followed the stairway, each piece of glass was numbered according to its position, and then set up the template.The supplier performs the external processing according to the template.After the glass installation, the handrail construction shall be carried out.

    Professional technology decides success or failure of decoration

    There is a huge difference between the old style method of the design and construction process of the rotating staircase and the new precise method. If we want to achieve precision, delicacy and luxury, we must choose the professional processing and manufacturing team for installation. We should strive to make the marble spiral staircase more perfect, form the hall highlights, play the role of putting the finishing touches on the whole decoration value.

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